AquaPure H2750

AquaPure Tablets

HACCP食物安全 食品級消毒氯片 NaDCC tablet specialise for HACCP food safety management for hotel groups and food service providers

AquaPure tablets are widely used in hotel and restaurant groups in Hong Kong. For example Metropark Hotel Hong Kong, The Kimberly Hotel Hong Kong, King Parrot Group, Taste of Japan Group etc.
AquaPure has been certified as approved anti-bacterial agent by the Department of Food and Environmental Hygiene of the government of HKSAR since 2006. An effective and safe top choice for food service providers.

Active disinfection ingredient of AquaPure tablet is Sodium Dichloroisocyanuate, NaDCC, a food grade safe chlorine-releasing compound effectively disinfecting vegetables and cutlery and even kitchen working tables while used in proper dilution.

Tablet is the most stable form preserving efficacy and availability of the active disinfection ingredient in AquaPure. Tablet form is also much easier to manage for HACCP control than solution or powder form. Tablet is also the safest form for chefs and hygiene workers to handle.

CCW Medical – AquaPure Tablets

Each AquaPure tablet can provide 500mg steadily-available chlorine.

General Kitchenware/ Cutlery Disinfection:
Dissolve 4 tablets in 5 litres of water to give 200ppm chlorine-available solution. Use for disinfecting porcelain/ glass/ stainless steel/ plastic kitchenware or cutlery

Disinfection of Edible Vegetables and Fruits:
Dissolve 1 tablet in 12 litres of water to give 20ppm chlorine-available solution. Use to disinfect skin of fruits, salad vegetables, dish decoration flower/ leaves, shell of crustacean, skin of sashimi seafood etc.

Certified by Food and Environmental Hygiene Department of HKSAR Government since 2006
Tablet is the most stable form for preservation of NaDCC effectiveness

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