CCW Brands 代理經銷品牌

ChristyCare Personal Products:

Endorsed brands of Nuskin Enterprise (HK Brand Partner ID for sponsor and consultation coaching service: HK0039072): 

Award-winning brands:

Nuskin – All of the Good

Pharmanex – The Natural Remedy

S3 Biophotonic Scanner – Your health well monitored

Pharmanex’s 6S Standard for all its supplements

ageLOC – age is just a number

more about ageLOC – The Aging Myth by Dr Joseph Chang

epoch – The Rainforest Protector

Nutriol – professional care for your hair fitness

nucolor – The Safe and Vibrant Make-up series

Powerlips Fluid – The Smudge free sexy lips

LumiSpa – The Revolutionary Cleanse & Firm Device

How-to-buy enquiry: Email Christy at

ChristyCareWellness – Good Habits Good Lives – Well-being Lasts!

ChristyCareWellness Youtube 

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