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Let’s live our lives fully with God’s guidance! BYOB stands for Be Your Own Boss. While we are graced with supplies and choices in our lives, we shall gear up ourselves with a kind loving heart, knowledge and wisdom, and stay open-minded to explore opportunities and make a wise choice to devote your energy and time in.

How would you like to live your life? A stable life? adventurous life? inspiring life?
We are born like a plain white paper with God’s plan behind it. Reach out, as well as reach deeply inside, to find your life purpose and live it out fully. I believe that only by living out our life purpose would make us feel fulfilling and complete.

I have found my life purpose after all experiences in these 29 years. To spread the Gospel by touching people’s lives wholeheartedly and sincerely. Gear up myself with faith, love and wisdom to inspire people for good and live a meaningful fulfilling life together. It looks like a simple life purpose statement yet there’s a lot to learn and practise along the way. I do enjoy this learning curve, this amazing journey.

I am grateful to have explored different platforms for leveraging and going international and have made the right choice to develop my International Anti-aging Wellness Business in NP2HK team in partnership with nuskin enterprise.
With a mission of becoming an International Force for Good, with an open, fair and international business system, as well as innovative products with exclusive leading antiaging ageLOC technology, developing this business allows us to bring health, youth, happiness, hope and kind loving culture to 54 countries worldwide and to build an ever-growing passive income asset.

Sounds interesting to you? We sure can have more deep talk on this. This business opportunity is open for everyone with a good heart and a mindset of “Be Bold for Change”. If you are open to explore, feel free to whatsapp/ call me at +852 93821530 or message me at my facebook page @byobchristyli. It’s always good to know what you don’t know you don’t know, right? Be open to explore.

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Cheers, together we can live our lives fully and meaningfully. Let’s keep in touch!

19 Aug 2017

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