Feel like being authentic publicly…

Bible verse of today: 1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on Him because he cares for you.

I find these five years , 2015-2020, have been miraculously fostering my growth spiritually and reprioritizing things in my life. Let me list out the important incidence happened to me/ my family and the corresponding changes…

2015 age 27 – Bro received his second brain tumour surgery which impacted parents and me a lot. We all felt the urge to surrender and return to Jesus, parents got baptized and I return to PEC Church. Clarified surrender and resurrection of myself in Christ Jesus and got to understand more about the precious gospel.
2016 age 28 – Started engaging with NP2HK team started ChristyCareWellness business mostly distributing nuskin products then
2017 age 29 – quitted full-time job building up customer base with nuskin antiaging products, failed to listen to coaches’ kind advices and failed business finance management that gradually falling into credit card debt. A huge lesson of destroying my pride my ego my insist on relying on my own power and plans. Impacted me a lot to surrender and submit myself to God’s plan for me.
2018 age 30 – Work for HB and repaying loan from uncle for 18 months. Practised crazy discipline and cutting down entertainments. Actively paving ways growing HB biz w most-trusted friend Fay.
2019 age 31 – Kept learning in HB biz and been very grateful for new endeavours of exclusively distributing brands in HK. Joined Bible Study Fellowship and more intentionally actively study bible to internalize wisdom and practising faith in God and listen to His guidance along the path of business, personal spiritual growth, romance relationship and relationship w family. Spent more time w grandma and appreciate the peacefulness being w her and been enjoying her detail-minded care.
2020 March age 32 to be – Been getting along w BF very well so far, love the unique peacefulness with him and I do admire his intelligence and ever-learning/breakthrough mindset a lot. Been valuing and loving myself more for the kindness, gentleness and patience gradually built for three years of transformation. I’m still learning and transforming, Choosing to listen to the Holy Spirit is really great. Covid-19 did impact me feel the prompt of getting baptised sooner. I have been attending Round Table Church with BF for nearly a year and I wanna get baptized within this year devoting myself more to spread the good news of Jesus and give more love and care to people. Planning to rebrand ChristyCareWellness to deliver more value to customers. Been engaging with my first boss for collaboration.

It’s good to have self-review once in a while to appreciate what and how God shapes me into the person He’s pleased to see and utilize. For his glory, to be the light of the world showing the goodness and love from God to people. To save more souls… this Covid-19 period of time really make me feel that the end of the day is so near. It’s a good timing to rethink, to rethink WHAT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT IN OUR LIVES and WHAT’S OUR LIFE PURPOSES. I have learnt not to rely on my own strength as myself is so limited. I’ve learnt to have faith in God, believing that His plan is the best for me I just needa obey His teachings via Holy Spirit be faithful progressing one step at a time then I’ll be all good in His guiding direction. I have been enjoying reading the bible more and more. So much wisdom so much teachings found in many leadership/ personal growth/ finance book are originated from bible teachings… so why not reading bible directly…?

It’s a choice. I feel courageous to publicly admit I have stumbled myself into big money troubles because of my pride ego before and I’m grateful for the courage to admit and repent and return to God and submit myself to God’s teachings. I do believe I will be better and better taking baby steps following Him. Maybe someday my testimony can encourage others, I think it’s good to jot it down here to collect and publish my thoughts and devotion.

Be kind and Be Courageous. Worry about nothing for God cares about us so much.


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