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Dear all,

Yea it’s been a while since my last update. Ups and downs we all go through in life right? have had a nice experience to learn and grow in biz endeavor and I believe it’s good to ever-learning and ever-growing by establishing new meaningful relationships with different vendors and even reconcile past biz relationship.
From my first job I did learn the most from my boss, Alfred C., appreciate his effort building up a business and investing in properties from scratch which has inspired me that I can someday build up mine too. A nice update is that I have reconciled relationship with my very first boss and there’s exciting collaborations ahead of us engaging the medical infection control market. Meanwhile Covid-19 is a worldwide epidemic now, awareness of personal and environmental hygiene is raised and people are looking for effective measures to prevent any means of infection by the cheeky infectious virus.
On top of the personal care and fitness products that I personally used and very much impressed with the results so I have been endorsing, I have been planning to launch the hidden-gem infection control tablets that is gonna be essential infection control solution for hospitals, nursery homes, elderly homes, schools, tutorial centres, gym rooms, churches, offices, restaurant & food processing factories, cleaning service companies, theme parks, public and private swimming pools, etc… simply versatile and efficacious with authority certificates.
So yea it’s the brief update of what I am preparing for now, hope you guys all stay persistently prudent on hygiene management and stay hopeful and positive during this challenging period of time. Hang on, have faith and stay healthy!

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Love and blessing,

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