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Projects that Ltk is working on…

Ltk Rollei Story
Collecting my favourite moments captured by my Rolleiflex… #ltkrolleistory


Sharing with you how I am indulging in capturing beautiful moments with my Rolleiflex camera…

Ltk Paints
Watercolour Wanderist since Oct 2019


From dreamy to realistic, relaxing, wandering thoughts and achiving favourite little moments in life…

8-Legged Tour 捌腳行
Surrealism stereoscopic world tour – 3D photo exhibition of artist Henry Chung #henrychung3d

#8leggedtour #捌腳行

鍾有添 立體攝影展 – 捌腳走遍各地 虛移到處遊歷

8-Legged Tour – Vivid beauty of the world 3-Dimensionally brought to you by award-winning Cinematographer & Stereo Photographer Henry Chung


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We are open for exhibition/ illustration/ filmmaking/ marketing & distribution collaboration ideas. Drop Christy an email for discussion.

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